User instructions for the Collaro Audio precision cloth turntable mat

Thank you for buying a Collaro Audio Precision Cloth Turntable Mat. Used correctly it will give you many years of increased performance from your hi-fi turntable.

This high quality mat is designed as a replacement for most felt and rubber turntable mats supplied as original equipment. It is a direct replacement for most applications, but if replacing a thick mat, you may find that an adjustment of your tonearm for correct VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle) is required. When removed from its packaging, you may find that slight creasing has occurred but this will flatten within a few hours of use and the mat will sit flat on the platter. The mat may be used either side uppermost with identical results.

The mat has better anti-static properties than most felt mats, but it is not immune. If the mat raises or sticks to a record with static electricity, you may wish to affix the mat to your platter. We find that this is rarely necessary but recommend thin low-tack double-sided tape or similar for this purpose. Three small equidistant strips are more than sufficient. These should be fitted to the OUTER platter of a turntable which has both inner and outer platter. If you are experiencing severe static problems with vinyl records you should consider investing in a wet record cleaner or RCM. Even an inexpensive version such as a Spin-Clean will help.

Please note that any fabric mat presents a hazard to your stylus if it accidentally makes contact with the mat whilst rotating. Take care when cueing 7” or 10” records and do not mis-cue.

We accept no responsibility for lost or damaged diamonds or cantilevers.
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