The Collaro Precision Cloth Mat on Rega turntables

Rega are probably the best-selling hifi turntables on the UK market today, and are so versatile they often also form the basis of many third-party manufacturers' decks. We are frequently asked about the suitability of our mats with Rega turntables, and basically they are a perfect match. There is no need to adjust VTA or any other settings, despite the Collaro mats being slightly thinner than the supplied Rega mat. Any Rega deck can benefit from the use of our mats, and we know of many delighted users. Many of our stockists are Rega dealers and recommend them.

We are great believers that Rega offer a turntable to suit everyone, from the budget Planar 1 right up to the superlative new NAIA. We also think that Rega's pricing and specifications are spot-on, and the best upgrade to a Planar 1 is a Planar 2... the best upgrade to a Planar 6 is a Planar 8 or 10 and so on. We realise that not many Planar 1 owners will want to spend a third of the price of their turntable on a mat, but it's an investment that can be retained and used on more sophisticated models as you trade up.
Collaro precision mat on a Rega P6 turntable - image
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