Collaro Audio 'The Tempest' Transcription Turntable Mat


'The Tempest' Transcription Turntable Mat



Developed from our acclaimed Precision Cloth Turntable Mat, 'The Tempest' is a heavy pure woollen cloth turntable mat, surface-treated to provide a soft felt-like support to the record, whilst adding a heightened degree of isolation from mechanical noise which is inherent in some idler-drive Transcription Decks and Broadcast Turntables. It should be used as a replacement mat rather than on top of the existing mat, and its thickness should make any VTA adjustment unnecessary. The Mat was developed to work with Transcription turntables manufactured by Collaro (4T200), Garrard (301, 401, 501 and for classic DJ work, the 4HF) Goldring/Lenco (GL75 L78) and Thorens (TD124) and should provide excellent results with these and other makes.

Standard size is 12” and we recommend this mat is used with a medium-mass non-ferrous record weight or clamp. If your turntable has a lip around the platter, the mat may overlap it with no adverse effects provided a weight or clamp is used. We recommend the Collaro Audio 'Mercury' Record Weight or similar. 4HF users should place the Collaro 'Tempest' mat on top of the moulded Garrard mat.

The mat may be used either side uppermost with identical results.

When you order, please bear in mind that the Collaro Audio 'The Tempest' Transcription Turntable Mat is a product that is entirely hand made in limited quantities and you should therefore allow around 10 working days for delivery - although we aim to fulfil your order in a shorter time frame.


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