Collaro Audio 'The Mercury' Transcription Turntable Weight


‘The Mercury’ Transcription Turntable Weight



Collaro Audio 'The Mercury' Transcription Turntable Weight.

'The Mercury' Weight is designed for use on non-suspended Transcription Turntables and is the ideal partner to our Transcription Turntable Mat 'The Tempest'. Handmade in England and of a medium mass design it weighs little more than two 180g LPs so will not cause undue wear on the platter bearing. The body is machined from high grade aluminium and will not have a magnetic effect on MM or MC cartridges

When you order, please bear in mind that the Collaro Audio 'The Mercury' Transcription Turntable Weight is a product that is entirely hand made in limited quantities and you should therefore allow around 10 working days for delivery - although we aim to fulfil your order in a shorter time frame.


Collaro Audio

Collaro Audio produces fine quality British audio equipment and accessories
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