Instructions for 'Clocking' platters on Linn LP12s and other turntables with separate inner and outer platters.

It is generally accepted that some turntables which incorporate an inner and outer platter, such as the Linn LP12 can sound different depending on where the outer platter rests on the inner.  This can be because of the physical interface, or because the material is cast and not balanced post machining. A simple method known as 'Clocking' can often achieve a noticeable improvement in sound quality and we recommend performing this operation with your old turntable mat before using the Collaro Precision Cloth Turntable Mat. The process takes about half an hour. Occasionally no benefit can be heard, but it's certainly worth the experimentation time.

1) First, inscribe a light 2B pencil line across the interface of the two platters.

2) Listen to thirty seconds or so of a record with platters in that position.

3) Remove outer platter and replace 180º and listen again.

4) Repeat process, replacing the outer platter 90º from the second position, then 180º.

You are likely to find one of these four positions to sound better than the other positions.

Finally, move the platter 45º clockwise from the 'best' position, then 45º anticlockwise, each time checking with the same passage of music. Ideally when rotating the alignment incrementally within this sector you will find a 'sweet spot' where the alignment of the platters results in an optimum sound quality. Once this position is found, mark with a permanent marker pen and erase your pencil mark.

5) Replace your old turntable mat with the Collaro Precision Cloth Turntable Mat.
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