General mat usage and care instructions

The mats are made of pure wool. Ordinary felt mats have no ‘weave’ and are prone to shrinkage. The weave in our cloth, and the steam-treatment applied during manufacture minimises this possibility, but as they are made from a natural material, they are not completely immune. A tiny amount of shrinkage or expansion may be possible, but as long as the mat doesn't overlap the turntable platter excessively, performance will not be impaired.

The Tempest Mat for broadcast turntables should be used with a weight, and may overlap the platter with no adverse effect. Such is the nature of the material, temporary shrinkage may occur, and this will reverse. Again, this will be minimal.

Do not allow the mat to get damp. If liquid is accidentally spilled on the mat, do not artificially dry, just leave to dry naturally.
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