Collaro Audio Mat Suitability Guide

We firmly believe that Collaro Audio turntable mats are the finest fabric mats available on the market. As well as using the highest quality and consistent materials, we conduct lengthy listening tests to determine how our mats perform in the real world, and which mats suit which turntables best.

The Precision Cloth Mat was developed with Linn and Rega decks in mind, but can be used with a wide range of decks. As a rule of thumb we think that for belt-drive turntables, the Collaro Precision Cloth Mat should be used, and for idler drive turntables, the Tempest Mat is more suitable. Exceptions that we have found are as follows, and the list will be amended as we try out more turntables and get more feedback from Mat Users.
Classic Turntable Co.
Garrard 301 use Precision Mat.

Planars 1 and 2 (and older models RP1 and RP2) use Tempest Mat.
Planar 3 can work well with Tempest or Precision.

Xerxes can work well with Tempest or Precision.

SL1200/1210 Mks. 1-7 work well with Tempest or Precision, depending on application. Precision ON TOP of Technics rubber mat for hifi use, Tempest for DJ use.
SL 1200G and GR, use Precision Mat ON TOP of the supplied Technics Rubber mat. This can also assist where the VTA on-the-fly adjuster is too high for your cartridge.
Of course we welcome experimentation and reports from our users. We're always delighted to hear from you, and there is a Facebook Group for those keen on Social Media in which you may share your findings. Search for “Collaro Audio Users” or click the link.
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