About Us

Collaro Audio is an independent, British precision audio company specialising in high quality turntable mats and accessories.

The company was founded in 2018 by two UK vinyl enthusiasts, Chris Bentley and Colin Dent, whose aim is to create the perfect listening experience by improving the standard platter mats supplied with high quality turntables, thus enhancing the listening experience.

Inspired by the legacy of Collaro, the iconic and pioneering former British manufacturer of gramophones, record players and tape decks, and after several years research and testing technical designs and materials, the company launched its first precision platter mat which quickly took off.

Designed as a direct replacement for supplied platter mats, the Collaro Precision Cloth Turntable Mat is a high quality 100% wool woven cloth with felt-like smooth facings, produced as a result of a unique finishing process. It provides precise support for the record on the platter whilst protecting the groove from damage that can be sustained using a hard surface such as glass or metal.

Collaro's first mat has quickly gained critical acclaim for being the finest fabric turntable mat on the market, with a number of well known stockists, fantastic reviews from dedicated vinyl fans all over the world and invaluable support from some well respected Linn Sondek and REGA specialists.

The company's second product, 'The Tempest' is a heavy pure woollen cloth turntable mat, surface-treated to provide a soft felt-like support to the record, whilst adding a heightened degree of isolation from mechanical noise which is inherent in some idler-drive Transcription Decks and Broadcast Turntables.

Much like its namesake, Collaro Audio is all about inspiring quality and innovation. The company's mats are all handmade in Britain with very tight quality control and components locally sourced. While products are shipped all over the world, it remains a small business that endeavours to support other local business at all times.
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