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Collaro Audio is an independent, British precision audio company specialising in high quality turntable mats and accessories.
We have some exciting products, including our highly acclaimed Collaro Audio Precision Cloth Turntable Mat.
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TNT-Audio review the mat...

We are delighted that the hugely respected, 'free & proudly independent' TNT-Audio have reviewed our Precision Cloth Turntable Mat. Please click the links to read their findings.
Collaro Precision Mat on a Linn LP12 turntable
Designed as a direct replacement for the supplied platter mat of many high quality turntables, this mat is the result of many years of research and is a high quality 100% wool woven cloth with felt-like smooth facings, produced as a result of the finishing process. It provides a precise support of the record on the platter whilst protecting the groove from damage that can be sustained using a hard surface such as glass or metal.

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Collaro Audio Mat Black precision cloth turntable mat on a Linn LP12 with tangerine audio stiletto MK1 plinth - image
Our new Mat Black is crafted from a premium version of the material we select for our Precision Cloth Mats and delivers the same level of performance. It is striking yet subtle, with its satin black logo printed onto one face of beautifully smooth matte black cloth for a really ’stealth’ look. Following on from the success of our 100-year Anniversary Mat from 2020, which was strictly limited to 100 examples, it is the only serious alternative to our classic maroon mat.

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precision cloth turntable mat
The Tempest Transcription Turntable mat image
Developed from our acclaimed Precision Cloth Turntable Mat, 'The Tempest' is a heavy pure woollen cloth turntable mat, surface-treated to provide a soft felt-like support to the record, whilst adding a heightened degree of isolation from mechanical noise which is inherent in some idler-drive Transcription Decks and Broadcast Turntables

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'The Mercury' Weight is designed for use on non-suspended Transcription Turntables and is the ideal partner to our Transcription Turntable Mat 'The Tempest'.

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Transcription Turntable Weight

Mat Testimonials

We know you'll love the improvements to your listening pleasure the Collaro Audio Precision Cloth Turntable Mat can bring your system.... but don't just take our word for it, here are some comments from our customers....
The Collaro turntable mat transforms the LP12 to a LP13, it's literally 1 better

J.W. Sweden

I have tried multiple high praised turntable mats over the years but always preferred Linn’s felt mat on my LP12. Given the excellent reviews plus the fact that the Collaro is also a felt type, I thought I would give it a try.

Saying I’m glad I did would be quite an understatement…it is a GREAT mat! Bass definition and presence are improved. There is more detail with previously unheard or unnoticed musical passages and improved decays, all of this without any etch or fatigue.

A more focused midrange provides improved intelligibility and deliniation to both instruments and vocals, the latter portraying unprecedented human realism. This combination of improved realism, resolution and overall musicality has made me rediscover my vinyl collection over the past three weeks.

For me, in my system, probably the most significant upgrade ever and, without a doubt, the accessory of my lifetime as a music lover.

P-A Canada

I wasn't sceptical that I would have better sound but I would never ever had thought that a mat change on my LP12 could make such an incredible difference!!!
I had a Tonar mat and Linns original mat in mint shape and was very pleased with the sound. with those mats (switched mat depending on music).
Just put on my new black Collaro mat and it is incredible! have Infinity IRS Epsilon lodspeakers driven by Krell KCT preamp and one FPB 300cx (mid and highs) plus two Krell MDA 300 (for bass) poweramps. PU is Linn Krystal, Riaastep is built for me by a Swedish guy, Per PK Karlsson. Tonearm is Ittok LV Il. The IRS Epsilons have a SCU (Servo Control Unit) for controlling bass. I used to have the deep bass register set about 3/4 of max. Now I have it on 1/4 and bass is louder and tighter with that setting Overall sound is better but most significant on bass register. I haven't even changed the VTA.
Made absolutely no other change than the switch to Collaro mat.
This is the most hearable (yes more hearable than the upgrade from Cirkus to Karousel) and cheapest upgrade I've made on my LP12. I can not explain it but feel no need to. I just enjoy
Big Thanks to Colin Dent and Lennart Svensson for superbly quick and problem free deliverance.
To all fellow members. Do not hesitate to invest in a Collaro mat!! It is ten times better than I expected.(On my setup).
My albums have got a new life, new sound, better sound. Even albums I thought were doomed to sound bad (because of bad pressing) for example Dixie Dregs "Freefall", sounds amazing now!
(For clearance. I do not have any commercial or other interest in Collaro mat. I do not know Colin or Lennart so this is no hidden commercial)

M. Sweden

Treated myself to an early Xmas present in a Collaro mat and iust had a 'that's not possible' moment, took it off and put the Linn felt one back on and yep it is possible. assumed there would be some improvement in sound but not THAT.
Possibly the biggest bang for my buck improvement I've ever done. It is truly astonishing what this little piece of magic does.
If vou don't have one yet go buy one now, and I'm not on commission

R.M. online

I have tried lots of alternative mats on my Rega P7, cork mats, Achromat, various felt mats, Ringmat, no mat, rubber mats...the ONLY mat I have heard to date that is an improvement over the stock Rega mat is this beauty from Collaro Audio ...its a keeper...more open more detailed...just wow!! Highly recommend this one and I have been trying different mats for years! Treat your deck!! Thanks Collaro Audio....I love you x


I ordered one of the matt black mats to give it a go. I must admit i was slightly sceptical that it would make much of a difference. The very first record i played i started with the old mat then switched to collaro one and am shocked at the difference! How can it be that a mat makes such a difference. Its a more obvious improvement than ive heard previously when ive looked to upgrade a piece of equipment. Thanks for letting me give it a try, will definitely be remaining on the deck

Barry. online

The mat actually brought back some of the liveliness that the cartridge change took away, so very happy with the combined improvement

P.C. online

First impressions: remarkable improvement! First Listening was Talk Talk-The Colour of Spring. A/B Comparing gave instantly more details, better bass, deeper space, more realistic instruments and vocals.

F.H. Germany

...testing it out now, it definitely sounds different, in a good way!

J.N. Kent

Definitely better than Linn felt mat on my Radikalled LP12

H.V. Holland

it is, without a doubt, an upgrade worth pursuing


It does ooze quality to the touch, a tad thinner than the original Linn

A.Y. London

More defined sound image, less surface noise, better dynamics, easier to listen.

K.v.B. online

I was expecting a subtle difference but the changes are anything but - they are immediate and ovious. More depth, additional clarity, details previously unnoticed..... I've changed cartridges in the past and not found this amount of difference. Best and cheapest upgrade I've made in a long time.

R.A. online

Quieter background. Clearer sound. I was noticing elements of the sound I hadn't consciously noticed before.

P.C. online

It's the biggest upgrade to the LP12 available

V.v.R. online

It is pretty astonishing the difference a mat can make! Best £99 I've spent in a very long time.

J.R. online

I simply do not believe it.... The first thing you'll notice is how nice the felt is.... the second thing you'll notice is the sound, better timing, much better dynamics, a sweeter treble... high end details seem to leap out from the speakers.

A.L. online

So, the Collaro has been in position since Christmas and luckily I've had quite a bit of time listening to it's benefits. Yes, most have been amazed at the sonic benefits including myself .... everything is so transparent, bass is clean and I'm hearing things that were there before but just masked.

A.W. online

I was astonished when I first heard one

R.W. online

...received my Mat. Test driving it looks great!

A.D. Scotland

I paid the money, 3 days in and I am very happy. An expensive mat yes, but an inexpensive upgrade, and that is what it is.

J.P. Essex

Sounding good.
Very different from the cork/carbon fibre Inspire mat. More energy, warmer, more articulate bass. Like I’ve changed the cartridge!

T.R. Kent

I think you will be blown away, I was and one of the cheapest upgrades available

J.R. online

Just installed my new Collaro mat (installed?). Anyway playing Jan Akkermans track Pietons and I am really impressed. Anyone want an old linn felt mat?


Best upgrade at that price to any LP12 lover

K.M. online

No going back now it's brilliant

A.J. online

So for me the Collaro has made a vast amazing improvement.
...buy with confidence

D.P. online

It's the higher frequencies, added stereo image and 3D quality to the sound. It's like having newer versions of the same records. I've compared now twice to the old/original mat to this one and there is a marked difference. It's immediate.
Everyone with and LP12 should definitely have one!

N.H. online

Another convert....thank you!
The music hangs in an inkier blackness. Cleaner, less hash around the notes, which have a greater sense of precision and fluidity. Altogether, more cohesive.

J.M. online

Best value upgrade in history

M.R. online

Wow ! I’ve an old LP12, just added a lingo and now your mat. Equal improvements (and the used lingo was 4 x the price !)
Great product guys

John. online

I got the Collaro 2 days ago and initially I find it more punchy and deeper bass ! The soundstage is also bigger ! Early days but it's foot tappingly good !

G.G. online

I was very sceptical. I couldn't actually believe the difference it made. even sanity checked it by sticking the old mat back on. Two years on and it's staying!!

J.T. online

...been swapping mats. Just put the new one onto the LP12 in the lounge. It does add something to improve detail...

A.R. Somerset

I was surprised just how big a difference there was. More detail, bigger soundstage and simply ‘better’ all round.

K.M. Northumberland

Once you've heard red, there's no going black!

C.K. Online

My overall sound was just instantly .... better! Soundstage feels wider, the sounds are cleaner.


...hear more details on whole sonic spectrum, bass is tighter and more detailed, mid range clearer, deeper and wider - more three dimensional..... highs clear and crisp without any hint of being harsh...

J.A. online

It's really that good. The difference is immediately noticed.

P.L. online

Don’t just take my word for it… for £99 it’s a bargain in the world of Hifi. it’s a real Magic Mat

M.R Cheshire

It's the tighter bass and midrange that show off the mat to its best... that bit more focus

A.D. online

Works fantastically well on an SL-1210 Mk2 as well

N.H. online

I'll skip the superlatives. Simply put, if I'd blind auditioned this 'upgrade' and been told it was £1000 I would have been reaching for my wallet within 25 seconds.
Unbelievably good. I highly recommend it.

N.L. online

[It] is outstanding what a difference to the presentation

R.D. online

Oh my word what can I say.... when I put it on the LP12 the sound difference is truly amazing.... I thought the sound was good before but now everything sounds even better and even clearer with so much more depth.... anyone who wants to move up the level without a serious modification get a new platter mat!!!

DB - Wiltshire

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